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"Having purchased Baan as your enterprise planning package, you will be aware that its maximum benefit can only be realised through effective, efficient utilisation by well-trained staff. This includes ensuring that your technical staff is able to maintain and manage your system. Brookdale can offer technical training in the whole Baan Tools arena - including system administration, database management, Product Maintenance & Control, customisation (sessions,scripts, menus, forms, reports etc.) and development work.


Training courses are designed to suit your exact needs and can be delivered on your site on either a one-to-one or classroom basis."



Many recognised training courses exist that are well-designed, detailed and thorough. Many of these, however, have set agendas that are not flexible enough to offer the attendees guidance that is directly relevant to their requirements.


Brookdale has had years of experience in delivering many of these courses for clients in the UK and Europe, as well as to Baan employees, and is hence able to design courses to meet your exact requirements from modular blocks. These modules cover all areas of Baan Tools and worked examples can be included that are relevant to the data on your own system, rather than on a training database.


Courses will be delivered on your site and Baan system, to include the topics that are of most interest to you. Specific areas that can be covered include:


Sessions, Menus & Forms

Baan Reports

Domains & Tables

Program Scripts / 4GL Programming

Customisation Administration

Database Management

Audit Management

Text Management

Product Maintenance & Control

Manual Software Distribution

Package Combinations & VRCs

Building a Development Environment

Baan Directory Structure

Users & Roles

Device Management

Job Management

Exchange Schemes

Desktop Management


Should you be interested in training in any of these areas, choose what is most applicable to you and create your own training agenda. Courses will be backed up with worked examples and training slides.





Extract from "Package Combinations & VRCs" module showing 'Package Combination / VRC / Module / Session Relationship':


Package Combination Tree


Extract from "Users & Roles" module showing multiple user allocation to single database user:


Standard Report Modification


Courses can be be delivered as informal one-to-ones - this is especially beneficial to new members of staff that require an introduction to Baan Tools or to MIS staff that have many systems to look after and require a more in-depth working knowledge of the functions of Baan. Alternatively, a classroom-based course can be delivered to impart the knowledge on a wider audience. You will have the opportunity of an initial meeting with a consultant with a professional education qualification who will discuss your requirements and return a training schedule proposal, tailored to your requests.


Contact Brookdale for further details if you have a training requirement in Baan Tools or 3rd-party reporting package.



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