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"Increasingly, businesses are discovering the advantages of using third-party, graphically-driven reporting packages. Crystal Decisions' Crystal Reports is an excellent example of this type of software. Using Baan drivers, Crystal is able to access the database (all controlled via Baan's own security) directly to retrieve the data and to present the results in the desired format, along with company logos, photographs etc. if required.


Crystal can also access multiple databases simultaneously to retrieve data from various sources."



Crystal Reports offers an extension to an organisation's reporting capabilities, alongside Baan's own report writer. Where interactive 'drill-down' type reports are desired, where multiple databases need to be accessed or where more extensive use of graphics is necessary, then Crystal provides an excellent solution.


Brookdale will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer help and advice, or design and write your reports for you. Some features of Crystal are shown below:



How Crystal selects data to report on the Baan Database


1) Crystal can report on data from many different sources. Once your Baan drivers have been installed, the selection appears as a standard choice when commencing the design of a report.


Crystal Report Expert



2) Choosing Baan as the data source will offer the user a logon screen that will select the relevant server, user and Baan company.

Baan DB Select

3) Next, the tables that hold the data required for reporting need to be selected - only the tables that the Baan user has authorisation to access will be available - this is controlled via Baan's security.

Crystal Select Tables

4) Having selected the relevant tables, the fields that are to appear on the report are then selected.



Crystal Field Selection


Where multiple tables are selected, table linking is automatically performed. This can be modified manually if necessary. Once all Baan data is selected, data can be retrieved from other sources if required. Once selection is complete, grouping, sorting, totalling and the output format of the report are then determined!



Some Presentation Options


Crystal has great flexibility in the way it can output data. It is also fully interactive, allowing 'drilling-down' to retrieve more detailed information by group. Shown below is just a selection of examples of alternative ways of presenting the same data.


Crystal Output




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