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"With an ERP package such as Baan, data content is immense and holds all the information required to enable an organisation to operate efficiently, productively and cost-effectively. Retrieving that information quickly, easily and with clarity to all departments is crucial in the smooth running of a business.


Baan's standard reports provide an excellent method of reporting, but are generic and have fixed query fields and layouts. Brookdale offers a first-class report design and report writing service, tailored to retrieve the data you want in the format and layout that best suits your requirements."



Creating unique reports using Baan's own report writer is one of the most common forms of technical services supplied to Baan users. This is because it is the most reliable, robust and efficient means of improving communication and distribution of information both internally and externally. In addition to this, productivity increases can result through clearer presentation and quicker data retrieval.



Data Retrieval


Baan's report writer offers the quickest method of data retrieval and subsequent display, as it does not have to work via an external data dictionary or special drivers. Data can be accessed simultaneously from multiple parts of the database, using indexed searches to optimise the speed of retrieval:



Reports can be written as modifications of existing standard reports, additions to existing sessions or they can be spawned from totally new print sessions. Even if your organisation does not have a full development licence, existing reports can be modified and the report script used to access additional data.





There is substantial flexibility in the output format regarding layout, fonts, lines and paper size. This can be especially useful where new or existing, pre-printed stationery needs to be accomodated - sales or purchase orders perhaps, cheques, invoices or production order documentation. Some examples might be supplier cheques, customer invoices or production control reports.


If your organisation wishes to use its own specific documentation to send to customers, perhaps including your company logo, reports can be tailored to print out data exactly how and where you want it. Baan's standard functionality can still be used to generate the reports, but the output is changed to suit your needs.


Even standard-type output can be modified to present data as you want it, showing detail that is most relevant to assist efficient and more productive working.

Standard Report Modification


Data Selection


Full control can be given to end users to extract only the data relevant to them, by the addition of extra or alternative input fields. Specific values or ranges of data can be entered that personalise results and reduce processing times.


Data Selection


Also see the customisation page which details changes that can be made to print sessions.



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